The Autumn Opal Festival

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Broken Clock Brewing Coop, 3134 california St NE, Minneapolis MN

THE AUTUMN OPAL FESTIVAL Come celebrate imperfection with live music, food, and storytelling to support Wildwood Theatre on Monday, October 22nd. Hosted by Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative in their outdoor space (pending good weather) and brand new tap room.

5:30pm — 10pm

There will be a special announcement about the future of the Wildwood during this event and we hope to see you there!

Ages 12 and under attend for FREE. At Will Donations Welcome. All proceeds will support future productions and community gatherings hosted by The Wildwood Theatre.

Musical Lineup: Whalen and the Willows

WHO WE ARE Based out of the Twin Cities, the Wildwood is a non-profit theatre company with the intention of unraveling stigmas of mental health. In a safe space, we provide mental health-focused theatre performances and a variety of community engagements.

As storytellers we invite you on a journey through the Wildwood, an arena for vulnerability, empathy, and hope. In every encounter we embolden our audiences and communities to rethink assumptions, tell their stories, and take action.